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December 7, 1941

December 7, 2013


Photo of the USS Arizona (BB-39) after the attack at National Archives/

Seventy-two years ago today, the Imperial Japanese Navy attacked the ships of the US Pacific Fleet anchored at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Since that time, we have endured much as a nation and much as a world.

The plan was simple really, conduct a sneak attack, destroy our fleet, and sue for peace. The key being the destruction of our aircraft carries, none of which were in port at the time. This was the first blow in a long, full-scale war. We, all the world, owe so much to the brave souls that absorbed this mighty blow with their collective will of spirit and bodies of flesh and bone. Many were lost, many more were filled with the “terrible resolve” in the famous quote attributed to Japan’s Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, the mastermind of the attack.

Here is my tribute to brave me that served and survived to ultimately win our war with Japan:

A Ship in Pearl

A battleship of steel that is no more,
silently sleeps on Pearl Harbor’s floor.
For sixty plus years she’s kept men so brave,
we all hold-on beloved, to this National grave.
In Sunday’s slow pace the Japanese took lives,
and tore open the souls of sons, daughters, and wives.
The opening blow to a hard fought war,
survivors knew best what the fighting was for.
They gather at Pearl with each lustrum’s fall,
fewer each time as nature does call.
To answer this ill, survivors did run,
avenging ones lost in that solemn morn’s sun.
Precious are those who stood the line,
when danger was East, across an endless brine.
From here to there, they took the fight,
and made them pay high for their wanton spite.
Here’s to the men, both living and gone,
who gave of themselves when weapons were drawn.
The good ship Arizona may be rusting away,
forever on patrol, protecting us she’ll stay.
Strong with steel, that made her whole,
it was the men aboard that gave her the soul.
Now in our hearts, she does sail fast,
leading our way, true to the last.
Honor the few who are here from that day,
for soon, they too will have gone away.
To join with brothers out on the sea,
guarding a future for those who will be.


Thank God for you all!

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