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Birds On A Beach

February 2, 2019

Endless birds,
adorn the beach,
oblivious to passers-by.

I venture close,
’bout to reach,
they explode upon the sky.

In a flash,
the scene is set,
as Plovers obscure my view.

It was a glimpse,
I’ll not forget,
this dimming of daylight’s hew.

‘Twas my choice,
that morn to make,
as I walked along the shore.

Pass them by,
and make no wake,
or enjoy them all the more.

Picked the one,
that made me smile,
by my sending birds to flight.

Ask of them,
forgive my guile,”
requesting this glorious sight.

Up to us,
just what we see,
as we trek about this place.

Give a nudge,
to what will be,
and see this world with its grace.


Wintertime’s Reprieve

February 21, 2012

Far and away my mind does fly
from winter’s dull and gray.
To lands of warm and sandy loam
that calls most every day.

No parade of noise fills the air
this while my mind is free.
‘Tis more a place of solemn care
my soul does long to be.

At water’s edge with fresh wind’s breeze
I find my heart’s complete.
With toes in sand l walk this beach
dreaming of summer’s heat.

So join me there along the strand
when chill of morn does blow.
We’ll warm ourselves in our souls
from winter’s cold and snow.

Copyright ©2012 MH Benton. All rights reserved.

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