Short Bio

MH Benton is a freelance writer and political cartoonist.  He grew up on St Simons Island, Georgia. After time in the US Navy navigating submarines and then as an electrical engineer, he has returned to his love for writing and to coastal Georgia to again call it home.

He is the winner of the 2007 Espy Award, granted annually by the Espy Foundation, and writes for newspapers and magazines across the county. The Espy Foundation advances and encourages the literary and visual arts through residencies at its artists’ community in Oysterville, Washington, and through programs in which writers, artists and students pursue and discover new ideas and create new work.


  1. Hey, Barbie – it is your old shipmate Jeff. Nice blog you have here. Hope all is well.

    • Damn Jeff, been a long time. Things are good on this end and I hope on yours as well. Thanks on the blog, it is my place to vent.

  2. Michael, I’m ex-Navy, too, though I was on the other extreme-aircraft carrier. I’m from New Orleans, but Katrina drove my mom to Atlanta. One sister still lives in NO. I have been, in my past, to St. Simons in the mid 70’s with Up with People.

    • It seems we have run in similar circles. I remember them Up With People was there. My parents had a restaurant on St Simons, called Blanche’s Courtyard and had something to do with all that. Not sure because as a teenager my mind was on other things.

      We spent lots of time in NOLA. I remember staying at a really nice place called the old De La Poste several times.

  3. A Renaissance man. I too share a passion the written word. It not only creates purpose and direction in our lives but the images a good writer can produce can affect the reader profoundly.

    • Thanks for that, I could not agree more. I will make sure to check your writing out too.

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