Village Voice Empowering Pimps!

March 18, 2012

Everyone should read this NY Times article. I think a general boycott of the Village Voice is in order and I like reading the Village Voice. I for one will not read it again until they stop this deplorable practice.




  1. I’d link you to plenty of refutations, but since you are too lazy to do any actual googling yourself (but simply accept these kinds of serious accusations at face value) I won’t bother.

    Monkey see, monkey do. Perhaps I should be more charitable, but then it occurs to me that this is most likely a pattern for you and you’ve probably been a member of many a metaphorical lynch mob in your time.

    The Village Voice deserves more intelligent, or at least more SKEPTICAL readers than yourself.

    • So rather than post the links, you would rather just bitch me out. Typical.

    • Upon further reflection Clarence, I just could not leave it there. I mention you in this blog post so it is only fair I let you know. http://wp.me/pmSGR-jx

  2. I’d link you to plenty of refutations but I doubt you’d read them, and seriously, if you can’t be bothered to do any actual research (and thus can’t see that Kristoff is full of shit) then your mind is made up anyway.

    Monkey see, monkey do. I wonder how many other times in your life you’ve merely swallowed whatever you’ve been told?

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