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Mansion of Memory Arrives Tomorrow

March 13, 2012

My friend Helen is raising money to help with the tornado damage in Joplin, MO. You can help and get some great poetry to boot – a true win/win!

Windows Toward the World


Mansion of Memory, my new chapbook of poems from Rank Stranger Press, arrives tomorrow.   The chapbook sells for $11 (plus $2 postage).  Proceeds go to Bright Futures Joplin Tornado Fund to help with rebuilding costs in Joplin, MO, my hometown.

Please order a copy.  Contact me for where to send your check.  Thank you in advance.


Praise for Mansion of Memory

“Of course it all begins in innocence.  A child’s fascination with her own ability to twirl a washcloth over water, a sense of power from mastering the climbing of a mulberry tree, images of life before the storm.  Even that early, though, one can’t help but feel the ominous presence of power looming in things, power that enchants and moves, but also endangers, and sometimes destroys. ” —Scott Owens, author of Something Knows the Moment and other collections


“These poems of memory also move forward. …

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It really is a World Wide Web

March 13, 2012

I was just checking the statistics for my website. Since the beginning of the year my blog page has been visited 2,373 time from 34 different countries from all the continents, except for Antarctica of course. It really does show the ability of the web to disseminate information around the world. No wonder governments feel the need to control it, they recognize it power, power they can’t control.

Sort of hard to think I can write something, and a hour later it is being read by people in Indonesia.

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