Just How Stupid Can We Be?

September 30, 2010

It really turns my stomach to listen to the Tea Party Bund and far-right Republicans rant about taxes.  Don’t get me wrong, taxing people is at best a necessary evil, but what people like Dick Armey, Sara Palin, Karl Rove, Glenn Beck, Mitch McConnell, John Boehner and the rest, are doing is lying to the public.  They simply hope to scare people in an attempt to keep them from understanding just how close Republicans and big business came to destroying the country.  By scaring you, they hope to have another bite at the apple and finish running the country into the ground.

It’s like the nation threw a big party for eight years and ran up a huge bill.  Now that we’ve started to clean up the mess, they want to complain about the cost of the cleaning supplies.  Where were Tea Party Bundists and Republican stalwarts when we spent the nearly ten-trillion[i] in long-term public debt during the Bush years?  No, they want to ignore that and complain about the less that one and a half-trillion President Obama financed the same way to fund programs to stabilize the economy.  While I can admire the gall of these people, I do recognize what it really is, an attempt to shift blame.

Recent news is full of comments about raising taxes.  Representative Boehner, Sara Palin, and the rest of the clan, make comments akin to “you don’t create jobs by taxing job creators.”  I happen to agree with that thought but their lie is President Obama is not talking about taxing job creators; he is talking about taxing the top 2% of income earners at the pre-Bush tax cut levels.  Republicans are fond of pointing out that small business drives our economy and small business is where job growth occurs.  Small business owners do not make the sort of money that would put them in the top 2%.  While small businesses may generate large amounts of money, profits are slim and it’s profit that gets taxed, not gross receipts.

You want to talk about wasteful spending, I’m there.  You want to express the need to control cost – I’ll carry a sign for you.  Now, if you believe the crap these liars promote to give a billionaire a tax break, forget it!  These idiots ran our economy into the ditch.  Even if I don’t agree with President Obama, I am not stupid enough to give the morons that created the problem another shot.  Again, it is small business that drives our economy and that is where tax breaks need to be, not with the super rich and big business.  They, along with their political cronies, are the ones that put us into this mess in the first place, regardless of what Tea Party darlings want us to believe.

I’ve refereed to the Tea Party as a bund; it is one.  Just as the German-American Bund’s goal was to promote Nazi ideals in pre-World War II American[ii], the Tea Party’s goal is to promote its ultra right-wing ideological views with the same propaganda styled tactics.  Grass-roots members buy into the idea of returning to an America that never existed in the first place.  Just as the German-American Bund tried to usurp American history by placing images of George Washington next to a Nazi flag[iii], Tea Party-ists (and Glenn Beck specifically) try to usurp our history by laying claim to our history and tying American ideals to their perverted ideology.

The Tea Party is simply the cutting edge for extreme right-wing ideologues like Dick Armey[iv].  Grassroots members may wish for it to be an organization to return government to the citizens, in reality it is an organization whose sole goal is to return government to the people that nearly destroyed the American dream.  If you buy into the Tea Party Bunt’s rhetoric, you are as misguided as the loyal Americans that believed the Nazi propaganda prevalent before World War II.  Just because you don’t agree with the direction President Obama is pushing policy, you don’t have to buy into this tripe.

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  1. Hi Michael,

    While I agree with many of your postings I have to disagree with this, at least about Glenn Beck…Politicians are ..just that..Politicians. Glenn Beck will call out anyone from any group with wrong doing–he shows NO partiality in bring out the truth. I have seen him call out independents, tea party, republicans, democrats, liberals conservatives etc.

    His stance, as I see it, is to encourage citizens to no no longer remain silent and sit watching on the sidelines. First, go Back to Basics, Put God first in your life..Pray. How can that be “tripe”? Then, actively participate in the choices we have as a country of FREE people. If you don’t like something that has occurred..do something.

    The Restoring Honor Rally in Washington DC was a call to action…PRAY, PRAY, PRAY. The message that so evident and clear. It was appalling that the NAACP had to try and pull the race card on it. It was so NON POLITICAL..it was a way to show your support for the those who have been in the military and raise funds for a group of the same…people helping people…The money raised did not go to a foreign country, a political party or anywhere else. I found the rally to be heartfelt, warm and unifying. It represented people of all color, religion and walks of life.

    The politicians have their own agenda…all of them…But leave Glenn Beck out of it..He is a brave man standing up for the people of this country. Maybe you should watch the Restoring Rally and you may feel differently.

    Keep the Blogs coming…as a Free country at this moment we all have the right of Freedom of Speech but that can (and probably will) be revoked if we all do not participate in the future of our Great Country.

    • Sue,

      We will simply have to disagree on Glenn Beck. You have every right to support him, I will not argue that, but to say that he is not political is disingenuous at best. Even his website has political section. No way around it, Beck is a political creature.

      As I did not mention the rally, not sure why you picked that to bring up. My heartburn with Mr. Beck comes from the tactics he employs on both is his radio and TV shows. He presents opinion as fact and plays loose and fast with the truth in general. In my blog post, “The Danger of Distraction,”(http://wp.me/pmSGR-aC) I cover many of the issues I have my him. Really, at the end of the day, I seem him as a megalomaniac and distrust him.

      As far as him being a brave man, I have reservations about that too. He speaks freely of issues like use of military force. Easy to do for a man that is beyond service years. The brave thing would have been for him to put the uniform on in his youth like so many of us did. Then lets see how willing he would be to push force as a resolution other nation’s problems.

      I do not respect Glen Beck. He supports whatever opinion gets him the most air play. Need proof? Check out clips from his show during his CNN days. Here is one on point: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uSyDaDrgngg&feature=related. He’s just too slick for me and I will not leave him out of it.

      We have a real problem is the United States, people accept the opinion of public figures that support a preconceived notion of how things should be. Me, I like to fact check everyone’s opinion, whether I agree with it or not. I hope people fact check mine, I am just as prone to mistakes as anyone, but I accept them and try to correct them in my writing. Not sure Glenn share that trait with me.

  2. The Nazi-esque comparisons are expectedly vile, but if it came to that I’d not be utterly horrified. It would, at the very least, allow Americans to finally and permanently purge the Liberals and their spawn from the nation.

    In the end it would be easier to later remove the government that you want people to believe the Right wants to create than to remove the nanny state your breed of filth want to enact.

    • Normally I would slam such a ignorant comment but you put yourself is a harsher light than I could possibly.

      • It’s a harsh word, made worse by the straits that Liberalism has brought us to. It will require harsh measures enacted by harsher people to correct it.

        And then we’ll have to correct for the “overages” caused by those harsh actions.

        But, you’re wrong in your comparison anyway. What we’re fast approaching has more similarity to the French Revolution than to the rise of the Nazi-ism.

        Kind of makes it useful that I’ve blueprints for several variants of guillotine. 😉

      • You really need to support your opinion. The French Revolution… Really? Just how do you blame liberalism for a deficit that approaches $13 trillion? Regan ran on a platform of reducing the deficit (about $1 trillion at the time) then doubled it. It’s been a race to spend ever since.

        Anyone that complains about spending to shore up the economy but remained silent while ten times as much was wasted holds no currency with me. Conservatives often smear liberals with “tax and spend.” At least that implies a pay as you go philosophy, what conservative have accomplished over the last 30 years is to “borrow and spend,” as it is tomorrow’s children that will pay the bill.

        You may wish for right-wing republicans to take control again, but why are you willing to trust the people that created the problem?

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