The Duality of Spring

April 5, 2010

photo by D'Lyn Murphey

Spring is always a special time of year.  I call it a season of sunrise.  It’s not for any particular sunrise or even a sunrise at all that I feel this way but more the way I feel about the season as a whole.  I get the same feeling from it as watching a beautiful sunrise.

Some people prefer sunsets, not me.  They mark the end of something more than its beginning.  Sunrises start in darkness and slowing paint the sky with colors that set the mood for the day, everything from the pale blues that tell of a beautiful sun-drenched day to the billowy red sky that give sailor’s concern telling of a storm’s approach.

The sunrises of spring are special.  In fall, the mornings are a homogenous mixture of colors making it hard to tell one from the other.  Summer and winter paint with hard strokes of color that are definite and lack imagination.  Spring paints with vivid strokes of color that leave much more room for interpretation as they inspire me.

It is as if spring has its own laws of physics where anything is possible and opposites exist in harmony with one another.  Much can be learned from springtime.  It gives us an example of how seemingly impossible opposite events take place at the same time.  It has clear skies but fog on the ground.  It had cool days with a sun that warms.  We simple experience more with each hour of spring than a day of another season.  Spring give us a wonderful dichotomy with each sunrise.

The Duality of Spring

Upon the beach with sand that warms while lying beside a dune,
a cool breeze blew across the waves to touch upon my face.
Carried along was a sound so sublime – some bird’s melodic tune,
as there I lay both warm and cool being part of spring’s sweet grace.

The warmth of sand travels deep inside and warms my very core,
while the cool of wind tingles me and touches upon the skin.
Both warm and cool are felt in spring as I lay about the shore,
I wonder just how I feel them both upon me and within.

Warm and cool don’t seem to mix in the feelings they do bestow,
I was first confused and wondered how and sought a truth to find.
Right then I know it’s the way of life to mix emotions so,
allows the heart to know them both separate while still combined.

The duality of spring teaches my soul a fact happily shown,
to feel a thing is to see its truth, yet other can still be known.



  1. I really like the concept of duality in this poem..the coexisting nature of things.

    • Thanks, Spring has always been the season of possibilities. Everything is a promise, the question becomes which promises are kept and which ones are not.

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