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Oxymoron – Democrats Show True Leadership

January 10, 2010

After eight year of the Republican Party promoting war, striping federal oversight in every aspect of government, and giving billions to pet companies (Halliburton for instance), the American people rose up and threw them out of office.  It’s not that Democrats were the best thing possible, far from it – they simply were not Republicans.  Democrats everywhere need to keep that fact in mind.

Now, with a year under total Democratic control, little has changed.  Wall Street is winding down the biggest rip-off of the American people in history, the wars continue and to get “something” passed, Democrats compromise on every point the minority party brings up dealing with healthcare.  I guess we should be thankful Republicans have not asked to outlaw free thinking all together, I’m sure the current leadership would give that away too.  Democrats have dropped almost every point they ran on.  So much so that the final form of healthcare is a Republican dream come true.  The net result being Americans, forced by law, supporting an unresponsive healthcare industry that will still do whatever it wants.

Two years ago, it cost $7,439 per person on average for a policy.  Giving the plan credit for reducing cost by 25 % (which really will not happen) that works out to be over $250 billion the currently uninsured will have to pay.  That is $250 billion, each year, going to line the pockets of an industry that already pays out some of the highest dividends to its shareholders.  Way to go Democrats!  That’s looking out for the little guy.  Even worse, most of the people without coverage cannot afford to pay for it, meaning tax dollars will.

Look at the difference between how the Republicans, lead by Newt Gingrich and Tom Delay, handled the leadership switch and current swap with Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.  The republicans hit the ground running with their “Contract for America.”  It was a plan to get things done quickly.  While the contract did little good in the way of changing Congress in the long run, it did show a willingness to make changes.  That fact alone bought the Republican Party a tremendous amount of good will with the American public.  It seems a lesson Democrats will never learn.  Democrats continue to allow the conservative right, along with the conservative media talking heads, to define them as well as the important issues of the day.  The party has no leadership, none at all.

We elected the Democratic Party to change the heading of our government.  All that changed is the fluff around the edges.  My advice to Congress and the President is simple, do what we hired you to do or we will fire you just as we did the last batch of idiots.

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