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Day’s Sweet Morning

November 11, 2008


I live in day’s sweet morning,
before you stir about.
On words I’m feed and satisfied,
yes, coffee – very stout!

To read and write in quiet times,
allows my mind to run.
I blaze a trail on virgin snow,
with thoughts and prose so won.

Thus I write about varied things,
just thoughts that strike my mind,
some have acrid verse that stings,
some, fodder yet to grind.

Each morning gives a special light,
veiling my worldly view,
of common themes, but never trite,
I color with this hue.

I need this time to free my heart,
to lay my words aroun’,
and seek some wisdom to impart,
with verbs that push a noun.

The quiet morn is all I need,
to craft my feeling so,
for it’s the time my muse is freed,
and my emotions flow.

To have the world travel around
is clutter to my mind.
In petty needs and foolish talk,
my spirit becomes entwined.

Early I rise to start my day,
before the sun does fly.
Still think it strange this thing I do?
Well, at least you know why!

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